Discovering AquaSource Algae
Our Good Health Thanks to Algae
Algae and Hay-Fever
Algae Contributing to Long Life
Losing Weight
Sport & Fitness
Fractures / After an Operation
Ladies Only
Flu and Cold
Vegetarians / Vegans

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Losing Weight

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For Hay fever, please read up: Alexander.

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Sport and Fitness:

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Fractures, or After an Operation:

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ADHD - Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder:

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Ladies Only:

Hormonal Disorder;

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Flu / Cold

Flu should go in no more than 3 days. At the same time our digestion flora is helped and in good condition, the body is helped in starting recovering.

Drinking plenty of water and herbal teas are very important.

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Vegetarians and Vegans:

Aquasource Algae is one of the highest vegetable sources of Vitamin B12-essential to most vegetarians. The capsules' shell is vegetable based.

Recommendations: Drink plenty of spring, purified, or light mineral water. Be persistent. The blue-green algae is food, the purest, richest food in the world, our bodies will assimilate 98 percent of it. Thousands of happy people in Europe and around the world eat AquaSource algae every day and as a result they enjoy clean, healthy and fit bodies, highly improved immune systems and sharp positive minds.

The unique AquaSource Super Energy Food formula contains Activated™ barley, produced by a recently developed system of milling barley just before it sprouts. The barley produced captures all the enzymal and nutrient activity in the barley grain just prior to sprouting and provides the eight essential amino acids in a ratio that mirrors their ideal ratio in the human body.

Also contained in new AquaSource Super Energy Food is Colostrum, nature’s ‘ first food ,‘ which provides all the key immune factors and a host of other nutrients to help support the immune system, the digestive tract and overall good health.

The balance of the AquaSource Super Energy Food formula includes digestive enzymes and probiotics. Combined together these ingredients ensure maximum uptake of the wide range of nutrients contained in the formula… a word Synergy! Because AquaSource Super Energy Food contains long chain carbohydrates to provide sustained energy release, it helps stabilise energy levels thus helping to minimise the peaks and troughs associated with normal diet.

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