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My Family and The Products of AquaSource

Galina Georgieva AquaSource products consumer and distributor since 1996

The AquaSource products are meant to be taken by people who are in good health as a preventative measure. However, as most of us has one health disorder or another, AquaSource algae is the little helping hand that immensely supports our immune systems and helps our bodies fight it.

My husband and I have three children and three grandchildren and all of us have been taking various AquaSource products since 1996.
At that time I was the first to get any virus that came around and had to stay in bed for weeks. I suffered from hard constipation and joint pain. My gums bled when brushing my teeth.
My husband's main problem was high blood pressure.

When I was introduced to this versatile and revitalising plant, I started with Green Energy, and my husband started with Start Easy Program. In just two weeks time I noticed, that for the first time in my life, my gums did not bleed, when I was brushing my teeth. Two further weeks went by and my life-long constipation became better.

When I added Enzymes, Acidophilus and Bifidus I said good-bye to all that hell. Algae opened up a fresh new chapter in my life. The longer I and my family have used the products, the stronger our immune systems, energy levels and memories became.
We felt fitter, more slender, our skin and hair improved, and generally felt in much better shape.

It might sound a bit too nice to be true, but flu is no longer a problem for any of us. The aches in my knees are now all but a distant memory. My husband used to have high blood pressure, but after he started taking CoQ10/Chromium-Polynicotinate + AFA in 1996, it has settled and has been normal ever since. This has allowed him to once again enjoy 2-3 mile walks a day.

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In order to maintain good health, my husband (68) and I (62)

The rest of the time, daily we take Grandfather and Baby When flu or cold is around we increase the amount of Green Energy, Colactive and CoQ10/Chromium-Polynicotinate + AFA. We usually overcome the flu in less than 3 days and we come out of it with high levels of energy and a boosted immune system. Bifidus, Acidophilus and Enzymes also help at times of illness.
We have not been taking any Antibiotics since 1996, neither have we suffered from any significant illnesses.

We were giving our two grandchildren some Bifidus in their early months, which helped them to overcome the colic and enrich their intestines' flora.
Now the babies take half to one capsule Green Energy, 5 drops Fatty Acid Complex and 5-7 drops liquid AFA a day. The two ten month old babies feel great. No colds, flu or the like. When their noses run, we give them half a capsule Colactive twice a day in addition to the Green Energy. No antibiotics at all. They have 4 teeth each and they are happy, inquisitive babies with a good appetite and sleep.

Our youngest son Alexander has been suffering from hay fever for some time, and was hesitant in trying products which help uproot the cause of his condition. Myself, My Husband and My Youngest Son Now, each year he starts taking AquaSource Anti-Oxidant, Green Energy and Fatty Acid Complex from the end of February until the end of the summer blooms. He takes one capsule ColActive in the morning too. His condition has greatly improved. We try to make him have ColActive, Green Energy, or/and AFA every day for the rest of the time. But one has to be responsible for his own well being.

Our oldest grandchild (12) and his father (39), take Green Energy and/or AFA and ColActive. They both play football and it is good for them to have SAO and for the father to have COQ10 as well, but it is a matter of money as well. And Grandma can't be everywhere.

My daughter and my daughter-in law, both 35, while pregnant, were taking Green Energy, SAO and Fatty Acid Complex for the first three months of their pregnancy, and Green Energy, CoQ10/Chromium Polynicotinate + AFA and Fatty Acid Complex for the rest of the time. They both felt fantastic and gave a normal birth to healthy, lively babies. They both breast-fed their babies until they were 6 months old. The two mummies continue taking Green Energy and/or AFA. They take some Colactive, Fatty Acid Complex, Lighten-up! CoQ10/Chrom-Polynicotinate + AFA, or SAO, when they can afford them.

My father is 92. He takes Green Energy and SAO. He used to go for one mile walks on his own every day, until he was 91. He still goes for his everyday walk, with assistance from my sister.

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