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AquaSource Super Energy Food

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The unique AquaSource Super Energy Food formula contains Activated™ barley, produced by a recently developed system of milling barley just before it sprouts. The barley produced captures all the enzymal and nutrient activity in the barley grain just prior to sprouting and provides the eight essential amino acids in a ratio that mirrors their ideal ratio in the human body.

Also contained in new AquaSource Super Energy Food is Colostrum, nature’s ‘ first food ,‘ which provides all the key immune factors and a host of other nutrients to help support the immune system, the digestive tract and overall good health.

The balance of the AquaSource Super Energy Food formula includes digestive enzymes and probiotics. Combined together these ingredients ensure maximum uptake of the wide range of nutrients contained in the formula…..in a word Synergy! Because AquaSource Super Energy Food contains long chain carbohydrates to provide sustained energy release, it helps stabilise energy levels thus helping to minimise the peaks and troughs associated with normal diet.

AquaSource Super Energy Food utilises the beta glucans contained in Activated™ barley with the immunoglobulin components present in the colostrum to provide support for the immune system. Maximum absorption in the digestive tract is ensured by the enzymes and probiotics in the formula, facilitating optimal metabolism of the broad spectrum of nutrients in AquaSource Super Energy Food.

In a recent research test it was found that 85% of participants felt that their energy levels increased by 20% or more. 76% didn't feel hungry for 4 hours and over 90% felt the product could be used as an integral part of the diet.


Code: AFE300 - 300g
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