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Start Easy Programme

Aquasource Start Easy Programme

The Start Easy Programme is an effective, value-for-money, 28 day introduction to the next generation of nature-based nourishment. It is designed to help strengthen and gently detoxify the body. Just living in the late 20th century, with its poor quality environment and low energy foods, makes us gradually more vulnerable from chemicals and pollution.

When we are toxic we don't feel good and therefore have a lot less energy than we would like. Just as we would clear out the rubbish before redecorating the house, so the Start Easy Programme deoxifies the body while gently rebuilding strength and quality through the simple daily nourishment of Klamath Lake Algae.
The Start Easy Programme is both gentle and effective. The algae itself is purely a food. However, any change in diet is best done in a gradual way, so Start Easy: your long term quality of life is worth it.

The AquaSource Start Easy Programme consists of the following:

"After completing the AquaSource Start Easy Programme, I felt as if I'd had an internal spring clean. The effects were astonishing. The bloating and water retention went... I lost some excess weight as a result of better digestion."
"I have felt lighter, cleaner, my mouth feels fresh and I have a lovely feeling of peace and calm, like I can cope with anything."
"I feel healthier, stronger and a lot cleaner."
"In no time at all I found I was more relaxed... I don't feel tired after eating and generally have much more energy."

Code: PAK101
4 weeks supply. Take as directed.

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