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Klamath Lake Algae

Klamath Lake Algae

This Algae is probably the highest quality food source available to the human race today. Unlike most other algae available, it is not grown in artificial ponds with some added minerals, but it is truly wild, organic wholefood, carefully harvested from a natural environment.

These are the benefits people have told us about:-

Even people who have specific health complaints are finding an improvement in the quality of their lives. Others say they don't know why they take it but if they stop, they really notice the difference.

"It has given me strength, stamina and vitality and I no longer feel stressed out in my work."
"My energy is great. My attitude to life is very positive. I feel more intelligent since I have taken the algae. I hope you will try it - it's great!"
"My hair has grown a lot and my skin and nails are improved. I just think it's a wonderful source of food."

Capsules - for easy, convenient, daily use:
ALV100 - 100 Vegicaps®. Take 1-6 daily or as desired. Suitable for vegetarians and vegans
ALC100 - 100 capsules. Take 1-6 daily or as desired
ALC250 - 250 capsules. Take 1-6 daily or as desired

Powder - for use in shakes or for those adverse to capsules:
ALP050 - 50 grams. Take ˝ - 1 teaspoon daily or as desired
Liquid - for those wanting a quick boost, especially of mental energy:
ALL050 - 50 ml. Take 7-10 drops daily or as desired
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