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AquaSource Logo (*)Start Easy Programme
This pack is especially designed to make your introduction to algae as easy and gentle as possible. It both deoxifies the body and gently rebuilds strength.
(*)Bifidus, Acidophilus & Digestive Enzymes
A mixture of digestive enzymes provide help to the digestive system in dealing with the excesses and limitations of our daily meals with assimilating good nutrition. (contains algae)
(*)Klamath Lake Algae
Pound for pound, this algae is the richest source of human nutrition on the face of the earth.
This advanced meal replacement has been developed primarily for weight control. It contains a range of vitamins, amino acids and minerals as well as digestive enzymes, nutrients etc. (contains algae)
(*)Fatty Acid Complex
Contains all 88 essential fatty acids that the body needs from its diet and cannot manufacture. Useful for those with chronic illnesses.
(*)Super Anti-Oxidant
Helps reduce the effect of free radicals due to high stress, pollution and poor diet. Improves circulation, skin smoothness, visual acuity and the effects of stress and sluggish memory. (contains algae)
(*)CoQ10 with Chromium
Co-enzyme Q10 with Chromium Piccolinate make up this formula. This combination helps with the building of muscle and the burning of excess fat. Helps regulate the balance of blood sugar. Increases the resistance to infection. (contains algae)
(*)Green Energy
The ideal high energy breakfast, a meal for young children and an invigorating energy drink during the day. Highly nourishing. Can help in digestion. (contains algae)
(*)Moon Rise
This product is designed to target the stress associated with menopause and the menstrual cycle.
(*)ColActive Colostrum
Contains immune and growth factors, vitamins, fights bacteria, helps athletic endurance and recovery from illness.
(*)Super Energy Food
Sustains energy levels, helps maintain efficient metabolism, supports the immune system, helps maintain the digestive tract and works synergistically with other nutrient.
Provides relief for inflamation and soothing swollen vessels. Helps cell rejuvenation and Cartilage repair. It provides a cushioning to the cartilage and and increased mobility in the joints.
(*)Osteo - Forte
Excellent balance of natural source ingredients that support good bone health. Formulated to maximize nutritional absorption. Includes Vitamin K2 to aid deposition of calcium in the bones.