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Moon Rise

'powerful formula designed to target stress associated with menopause and the menstrual cycle'

AquaSource Logo Ever since researchers found that the women of the Trobiander Islands, whose prime staple diet was Wild Yam, enjoyed trouble free menopause and extended sexual life there has been a multitude of papers and general literature written about this wonderful plant. AquaSource Moon Rise cream combines this popular extract with nutrients for their compatibility.

Also added to this formula is Aloe Vera, used as a soothing balm for topical application as well as Jojoba, both of whose therapeutic usage dates back beyond the empires of the Egyptians and Aztecs.
Two other herbal extracts rich in phytohormones have also been included in the Moon rise formula: Black Cohosh and Siberian Ginseng, both herbs having been utilised in natural treatments in this field for centuries.

Researchers suggest, on the base of the current naturopath research, combinations of both hormones (estrogen & progesteron) from plant sources (phytohormones) could be utilised in natural treatments for both menstrual and menopause sufferers.

When the extracts from these natural organic and often wild plants are combined, the resulting mix makes for a powerful formula designed to target the stress associated with menopause and the menstrual cycle.

Why cream?

Whilst oral supplementation is effective for many nutritional and herbal supplements it does introduce the factor of enzymal reaction within the body’s metabolism, which does not always suit the purpose of the particular product. Hence AquaSource development of a cream that is easily absorbed without any arbitrary chemical changes, thus ensuring effective utilisation of its ingredients.

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