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Lighten-Up! Advanced Meal Replacement

What a meal should provide nutritionally and what it ACTUALLY provides may be two entirely different things! Lighten-Up! Advanced Meal Replacement is the modern answer to missed meals, hurried meals and it is also designed for use as part of a weight loss programme, with only 70 calories per serving!

Sweetened naturally with dried apple powder and pure vanilla, with a highly digestible protein content, Lighten-Up! also contains a full range of vitamins. Klamath Lake Algae and organic alfalfa ensure a full spectrum of minerals. It contains no sugar, no fats, no artificial sweeteners. There are no additives, no preservatives, no artificial colours, no thickeners, no dairy products, no gluten and no animal derivatives. It is ideal for vegetarians and vegans.

In fact, Lighten- Up! is exactly what you would expect from a healthy meal - pure, natural, nourishing and good for you! Just mix with apple juice, skimmed or soya milk for a delicious drink. Lighten-Up! is also unusual in that it was exposed to the rigours of an independent and remarkably successful British clinical trial before being marketed.

What the users think

Scales "I've been using Lighten-Up! Advanced Meal Replacement for just over a month now. I'm losing weight and am amazed by the complete lack of hunger and feeling of fullness it gives me. I'm also very impressed by the remarkable increase in energy levels and improved quality of sleep. It's really quite astonishing."
R.N., London

"I've come down a complete dress size - from size 18 to 16 - in just two weeks. I definitely feel much lighter and have more energy."

"I've used Lighten-Up! as a lunch replacement for six weeks, during which my weight has effortlessly dropped from 12 stone to 10 . I've felt fitter, healthier and better nourished than ever before and I recommend this product to anyone."
Jenifer Green, Enfield

"Having run weight-loss clinics for over four years, I have been on the lookout for new foods to help slimmers - at last I have found one! Lighten-Up! is an algae meal substitute that 100 of my clients have already used in our first month."
Dr Chris Bushe, Sutton, Surrey

"On other diets I felt tired and hungry, lost only a little weight and rapidly regained it. I was amazed what contrast Lighten-Up! was. I lost 15 pounds of fat in five weeks... I also felt healthier and more energetic throughout..."
D.S., NW London

Code: LUV200
200 grams. 10 day supply. Vanilla flavour.

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