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Flexibility contains Benolea, a special, patented extract of olive leave that ensures efficient blood circulation to the joint areas.
MSM is a sulphur compound that has demonstrated an ability to fight most types of joint inflammation including arthritis and sporting injury.
Aloe Vera has been used for centuries in the relief of inflammation and the soothing of swollen vessels. It is included in Flexibility to support and round off the other two ingredients’ efficacy.

Cartilage Repair
Collagen is the main protein of Cartilage, the connective tissue. Hyaline cartilage makes up the majority of the body's cartilage. It lines the bones in joints, helping them to articulate smoothly.
Flexibility features a unique blend of collagen called Chondractiv (TM). This blend features high grade collagen is used to suppress the auto-immune attack, of the cartilage breakdown and to replenish the tissue. Chondroitin: an inhibitor of cartilage breakdown and helping cell rejuvenation. Furthermore hyaluronic acid, an exciting new health product, is added to assist the production of hyaline cartilage – the form of cartilage found in all joints. The formula also contains Hops Extract. This ingredient supports the repair process initiated by the Chondractiv Collagen and Chondroiten combination.

Flexibility includes Regenasure® Glucosamine Hydrochloride, the only vegetarian form of Glucosamine available. Glucosamine helps build tissue that retains water, providing cartilage thickness and giving it a cushioning effect.
Celadrin®. This ingredient is derived from specific fatty acids and systematically lubricates cell membranes, providing better fluidity and elasticity. This includes the enhancement of fluids that cushion bones and joints. Combining Celadrin with Glucosamine creates a natural synergy and furnishes increased mobility in the joints.

Combined with the purity and high absorption of a Trufil capsule -  Flexibility  is the first formula to really address all of the key points of optimum joint health.

Code: FLC060 - 60 Capsules
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