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Some Commonly Asked Questions

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Is algae a drug?

No. Neither the algae nor anything else in the AquaSource range is a drug or medical in any way. Algae is a food - plain and simple. The nutritional supplements which we blend with algae are also not medical. They are meant to be found in good quality foods, but, in recent years, are often in insufficient quantities - so we gradually become deficient in them, needing them as supplements.

Does it work?

At our headquarters we have many hundreds of letters people have written to us telling us of the results they have had when they use pur products. We are so confident that our products will help most people that we offer a satisfaction or money-back-guarantee. Even so, very few customers feel the need to use it, yes, our products work!

Will algae cure my ailment?

Algae is simply a food and has no curative power on its own. However, when people eat the algae, the body seems to be much more able to fix its problems than before. No claim is made for any of our products with any specific diseases.

"I feel 10 years younger, but with even more vitality."
"I can now enjoy family life again, even the children use your products."
"...I started to improve to the extent that when I completed an international triathlon (something I hadn't been able to do for three years) I was quicker than in previous years and my recovery was remarkably quick."
A.F. (Tri-athlete)

I haven't taken algae before - how should I start?

The Start Easy Programme is recommended. This is because most people need to detoxify their bodies of chemicals and toxins, and require additional digestive enzymes and friendly bacteria.

What if I am pregnant or breastfeeding?

High quality nutrition is very important for pregnant women, and algae provides this. If you have not taken algae before, start with 1 capsule daily with food. Be sure that you drink plenty of good-quality water. Monitor how you feel, and increase the quantity as you see fit. If you are already eating algae, continue as before, while monitoring how your body feels.

A Photo of Klamath Lake

Can children take algae?

Yes - either 1 capsule a day, or 1 dropper twice daily of Algae Liquid. Babies too can take a small amount of algae.

Can elderly people take algae?


What should I give my pets?

Add Algae Powder to their food.

Should I continue taking vitamins?

If you wish - but after eating algae, most people find that they are no longer needed.

The Confidence Guarantee

Guarantee AquaSource Ltd. is confident in the quality and composition of its products which are covered by the following Company Guarantee: If, within 60 days from the date of purchase, you are not satisfied in any way, please return the product together with your dated receipt. A replacement will be offered or the cost of the product will immediately be refunded to you.