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Fatty Acid Complex

Fatty Acid Complex

The only source of the full range of fatty acids in the world.

The mass production, modern processing of food, soil conditions and the fast pace of our lives are causing the greatest food crisis we have experienced to date. Technology has eroded our contact with nature and the natural elements needed to sustain life. Particularly noticeable is the deficiency of the full range of fatty acids in our diets. and the associated health problems we as a nation are now experiencing.
The body's natural energy levels, essential hormones and the body's building blocks need a balanced intake of essential fatty acids.

Today's modern diets of processed and ready prepared foods lack the natural unsaturated fats needed for long-term-health.
AquaSource fatty acid complex contains 88 polyunsaturates including Evening Primrose, Lecithin, Borage, Apricot Kernel and Linseed, and many more, all cold-pressed, unrefined and formulated to the very highest standards. This fatty acid complex is the only full range source of all the fatty acid nutrients in a unique balanced formula providing an essential and valuable addition to your diet.

Recommended as a nutritional safeguard for:-

"Painful periods and PMT are a thing of the past. I have a tendency to dry skin which is much improved"
"Stress, fatigue and cholesterol are a few of the changes that are part of my highly competitive job... I am amazed at the level of stamina I now have and can truly say I have never felt better!"

Code: GEL060 - 50 ml Take 7-10 drops 2 or 3 times a day or put onto salad or into a salad dressing.
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