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ColActive Colostrum

AquaSource Logo AquaSource’s ColActive Colostrum is from New Zealand cows, which is far superior to any other Colostrum because New Zealand has the purest climate, and its pasture-fed cows are free of pesticides, antibiotics, and diseases like BSE and foot-and-mouth. The processing methods used protect the nutritional integrity of the product.
Clinically extracted under the most exacting of standards, AquaSource’s ColActive Colostrum contains all the vital constituents that make that initial foodstuff the primary nutritional source for the body’s immune system.

AquaSource ColActive Colostrum can be taken by young and old alike as well as athletes and sports people. With the abundance of nutrients contained in it, ColActive Colostrum is an effective aid to any nutritional regime or daily supplementation and provides a foundation for physical health based on the ultimate blueprint: Nature.

AquaSource ColActive Colostrum:

All these constituents and many more are contained in AquaSource's ColActive Colostrum. Derived from the purest of sources, ColActive Colostrum is the foodstuff contained in the first milk mammals generate for the newborn. By mirroring a natural format for human nutrition ColActive Colostrum heralds a new era in this field.

Code: COL120 - 120 Veg. caps
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